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Porchlight Music Theatre Presents ‘Rodgers, Rodgers & Guettel’ Concert, 4/4
Broadway World
Tony Award-winner Adam Guettel (The Light in the Piazza, Floyd Collins) is the son of composer and author Mary Rodgers (Once Upon a Mattress, Working) and grandson of Tony

Once Upon A Mattress” to open next week at Penfield High School
By Amanda Seef, staff writer “Once Upon a Mattress” is a musical comedy with music by Mary Rogers and lyrics by Marshall Barer


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Today In Theatre History: MARCH 1
The Ziegfeld Follies of 1957 features songs by Howard Dietz, Carolyn Leigh, Sammy Fain, Marshall Barer and Colin Romoff. The cast included Beatrice Lillie. …

ON THE RECORD: Once Upon a Mattress [Sepia 1159]
The name Carol Burnett and the title Once Upon a Mattress are closely linked…


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2/6/2011 Once Upon a Mattress Preston High School Bronx, NY 10465
2/8/2011 2/20/2011 I’d Rather Be Right Musicals Tonight! New York, NY 10024


3/13/2011 Once Upon a Mattress Avon High School
Avon, NY 14414
3/11/2011 3/12/2011 Once Upon a Mattress Cornwall on Hudson Elementary
Cornwall On Hudson, NY 12520
3/3/2011 3/20/2011 Beguiled Again
(Rodgers & Hart review)
Temple Theatre Sanford, NC 27330

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Har Shalom Players Present the True Story of “The Princess and the …
This weekend the Har Shalom Players will perform Once Upon a Mattress, the musical comedy with music by Mary Rodgers and lyrics by Marshall Barer, ..

A Tribute to the Songs of Michael (Mickey) Leonard or ‘Variations
Times Square Chronicles
Leonard has written with Carolyn Leigh, Marshall Barer, Annie Lebow and others, writing for Nancy Sinatra and Bill Evans. Award winning cabaret/jazz artist

Normandy – Music by Mary Rodgers Lyrics by Marshall Barer

Written for the Broadway musical “Once Upon A Mattress”
Music by Mary Rodgers
Lyrics by Marshall Barer
Introduced by Minstrel, Matt Mattox (Jester), Anne Jones (Lady Larken)

Minstrel: Beyond the wall which you must climb…
Larken: Climb?
Minstrel: It’s twenty-two feet and covered with slime.
Larken: Slime?
Minstrel: And infested with spiders!
Larken: Spiders?
Minstrel: Oh, the spiders are sweet compared to the snakes!
Larken: Snakes?
Minstrel: On the other side!
Jester: Well, they won’t hurt you, unless of course you insist on leaving alone… and now!
Larken: Well, I did. But if I’d known it was so terrible out there…
Minstrel: Then you’d think a second thought and come with me.
I know all the secret ways to set you free, over the hills and to the open sea!
Larken: Open sea? But where?
Minstrel: Normandy…
Larken: Normandy? But why?
Jester: Because… it’s out of the castle. Out of the country.
And safe, where no one knows you.
Larken: Safe!
Jester: And besides…
Minstrel & Jester: Normandy is fine and fair so Normandy is where we’ll go!
Minstrel: I can show you a beach where the peach blossom blows,
Jester: And I know how to reach a man who knows
Minstrel & Jester: A man who knows a cozy inn,
Minstrel: A friendly place
Minstrel & Jester: With rows of windows facing the sea!
This time of year the air I hear is rare and clear and warm in
Minstrel: I know a meadow covered with mustard flowers golden as the sun,
Jester: Where a wond’rous thing can happen when an April day is done.
Minstrel: There’s a moment after the twilight
Minstrel & Jester: When the sky is suddenly green,
and the world stands hushed and waiting for the first white stars to convene.
Minstrel: When you see that emerald sky,
Jester: (echo) When you see that emerald sky,
Minstrel: You’ll know to reason why
Jester: (echo) And know the reason why
Minstrel: There’s not another
Jester: (echo) No other
Minstrel & Jester: Place I’d rather be! Keep your el dorado… and to hell with burgundy!
Come fly with me, come try those wings, come swift for we have things to do…
Larken: Is there truly a beach where the peach blossom blows?
Are you sure you can reach that…
All three: …Man who knows that man who knows

That cozy inn?
There’s Jessamine and…
That friendly Place
White lilac lace and…

With Minstrel & Jester:
Rows of windows Rows of windows
Facing the sea… Facing the sea…

All three: This time of year the air I hear is rare and clear and warm…

Minstrel & Jester: Don’t be afraid!
Larken: It’s warm…
Minstrel & Jeste: Heaven was made

All three: In Normandy
Jester: In Normandy
Minstrel: In Normandy
Larken: In Normandy
All three: In Normandy!